HBB - Fun Stuff

Some Interesting Trivia:


            • Blueberries are actually indigo-colored.  Remember that in context to the seven

                rainbow colors and the acronym ROY G BIV we learned in elementary school.


            • Native Americans enjoyed blueberries for hundreds of years.


            • Blueberries thrive growing in acidic soil (low pH).


            • A single bush, like a grape vine, can produce lots of fruit for decades.


            • The top five state producers (USDA, 2011 statistics) of blueberries are:  Washington,

                Michigan, Oregon, California, and New Jersey.  New York ranks 11th.


            • Al Wereszczak single-handedly:


               * Pruned the entire patch of ~ 3500 bushes every fall during the first 20 years of

                  the patch's life!  Ever prune a large bush of any kind?  Multiply that by 3500.


               * Spread > 350 cubic yards of mulch on the patch's 23 rows (~ 3 miles total length)

                  just a couple years ago.  He's in his 80s.  Remember that the next time you unload

                  and spead 2 cubic yards of mulch out the back of your pickup truck.


How many blueberries to fill a quart?  It depends on their size of course.