1.  Are you open every day during the season?

Although we strive to be open as much as possible, several times during the season we must close for a couple days to simply allow more berries to ripen. Being we cannot plan far in advance for that, we recommend you call us at 867-5735 before traveling to our farm or check our website for daily availability of blueberries during the season. We are closed on Sundays.


2.  Do I need to bring my own container to pick with?

Not necessary. We provide pails with removable lined bags in them.  We remove the bag with your picked berries and weigh them as part of the easy and quick check-out process.


3.  Can I use my own container to pick with?

Sure.  We will weigh it before you pick, mark its weight on the container's exterior, and then subtract it from the total at check-out.


4.  If I want to buy them already-picked, then how do you sell them?

We provide our already-picked berries in quart containers for over-the-counter sales. 


5.  Quarts, pounds, and pails – what are the relevant conversions among them?

One quart of blueberries weighs approximately 1.5 lbs.  One of our *heaped* pails has about 9 quarts of blueberries in it and therefore will weigh about 13-14 lbs. 


6.  On a per-pound basis, why are your picked berries more expensive than if I pick them myself?

The extra cost covers the labor expense of us picking blueberries for you.  It is indeed cheaper for you if you pick them yourself.


7.  What should I wear to pick?

Use common sense and dress for the day's weather and know that blueberries can stain clothes. Comfortable and supportive shoes are recommended as you will be walking around in a field.  Wearing a hat and using sunscreen are good ideas on a sunny day.


8.  Why do you direct us to certain parts of the patch using orange twine as a boundary?

We continuously monitor where the greatest concentration of ripe berries are.  During each day we reposition the twine boundaries to help us help you to pick in those portions of the 5-acre patch where ripe berries are the most plentiful and picking is the easiest.


9.  Can I call ahead and reserve picked berries?

Absolutely.  Call us at 867-5735 and let us know when you will pick them up, your name and phone number, and we will save them for you.  Pick-up needs to occur during normal business hours.  Please note that we do not always offer already-picked berries every day near the end of the season when the crop supply has dwindled.


10.  Can I bring my young children to pick?

Of course!  We want your entire family to have a fun picking experience and create memories for all. Please note that berries will fall off the bush if they are brushed against so please monitor and limit your child's activities near the bushes.  Berry throwing is a no-no.


11.  My elderly relative is not too mobile but wants to pick – can they?

Absolutely.  They are among our most special customers.  They pick on the bottom row just a few feet in from the patch's entrance.  Additionally there are chairs in the shade they can sit and rest on during their stay.


12.  What are all those loud and angry bird sounds I hear while I am picking?

Those are periodic birds-of-prey and distressed bird sounds coming from loudspeakers placed in the patch.  It deters birds from eating the berries.


13.  Drinks for sale?

Yes.  We offer bottled water and an assortment of sodas for sale.


14.  Is there shelter in case it starts to rain?

Yes – you can stand under our tarped cover near the patch's entrance in case of rain.  Everyone is required to immediately leave the field if there is thunder and lightning in the area for obvious reasons of safety.


15.  Can I pick after regular business hours?

Although we enjoy each day's 6:30AM to 6PM operation and our interactions with the public, the patch's closing at 6PM allows us to regroup and prepare for the next day so there is no picking allowed outside of regular business hours.


16.  Do you accept credit or debit card for payment?

Cash or check only.


17.  Is there a public restroom?

A port-a-john is provided for public use.